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More Information About Solution Focused Therapy

Thank you for your interest in Solution Focused Therapy.

Solution Focused sessions address, immediately and directly, the life you are hoping to lead. They are different kinds of conversations than we are accustomed to: they are made up of questions you’ve never been asked that will you will answer with thoughts you’ve probably never thought. We know that new thoughts lead to new feelings and new behavior.


For example, when we meet, after we say, “Hello,“ my first question will be,  "What are your best hopes from our talking?" This question challenges you to look ahead right away to the purpose of our work, and the outcome you are hoping to achieve. This gives us specific guidance from the start and as the work continues.


After the “best hopes” question, I will not attempt to teach you a way to change or manage your thoughts – for example, by asking you if your thoughts are realistic.  Nor will I want to review your troubles over the previous week. Nor do the sessions necessarily involve a description of traumatic experiences. (Doing so will be completely up to you. It is a common thought that expressing the painful thoughts and feelings related to trauma will be beneficial, but we also know that for some clients doing so can be re-traumatizing and create emotional distraction from the therapy. On the other hand, I will understand, accept and welcome your sharing these feelings with me, if you think it will be of benefit. Your choice. Completely.)     

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Instead, of these possible approaches, and after we’ve become clear on your best hopes, I'll ask carefully constructed and detailed questions regarding the presence of your best hopes in one or more of these areas:

  • Times in the past when they’ve been present – but when you may have paid them very little attention;

  • Times, even in the present, when you’ve experienced them, but, again, when you may have paid them little attention; 

  • Times in which my questions help you imagine a future that contains your desired outcome. (This imagining is like athletes watching films of how they want their bodies to perform. You will be rehearsing the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that your best hopes contain.)

By drawing from your past, present, and future, Solution Focused demonstrates one of its core beliefs: that it is truly you who has the answers that will power change. The solutions are 100% your solutions. They come 100% from your mouth and mind.

        It’s called “Solution Focused Therapy,” because it focuses so much more on Solutions than do the many Problem-Focused Therapies.  Most of my questions inquire about your hopes, your strengths, and your skills at solving previous problems. When answering, you are creating mental pathways and connections that draw you into new feelings, thoughts, and actions. You’ll actually find this to be a pleasant experience. My questions are often challenging, but also positive and pleasant.

        Yes, this is a “non-traditional” therapy.  I hope you will join me in seeing how helpful it can be. I’d be happy to meet with you online or by phone for 15-20 minutes in order to answer any questions you might have. Just email me, and we can arrange a meeting.

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